SQL Decryptor Software


  • SQL Decryptor to decrypt complete MS SQL Database
  • Instantly display complete preview of SQL database
  • Supports Dual Login Mode Windows and SQL Server Authentication
  • Decrypt SQL Server Stored Procedure, Functions, Views, Triggers
  • Immediately decrypt SQL file of any size
  • Support SQL Server 2019 and all the below versions
SQL decryptor screen

SQL Decryptor Software – Decrypt SQL File Completly

Different types of encryption techniques are there that are implemented via SQL database automatically. Data protection is not an issue with SQL database but, sometimes SQL protection annoys users and that time they want to perform SQL decryption.

For secure and instant SQL decryption operation, SQL Decryptor software of our organization is the viable solution. To remove all the encryption from SQL files, our software has various abilities as it made the process to decrypt SQL file non-complicated as well as easy commands with our application made it choice of various SQL users.

Some Peculiarity of SQL Decryptor Tool

sub menu of SQL decryptor
decipher SQL database

Decipher SQL Database

The one and only SQL decryptor tool can easily decipher each bit of the encrypted SQL database quickly and allows to access it.

preview decrypted data

Preview the Decoded Data

After decrypting SQL Server database objects the software gives the preview which users can verify and validate their decrypted data.

windows and SQL server authentication

Handle both Authentication

The software is capable to handle both type authentication like Windows authentication and SQL Server authentication

decrypt large database

Decrypt Huge data

Decode limitless highly encrypted SQL database objects and gives desirable results without any loss.

export decrypt data

Export decrypt data

After the successfully decryption of the database objects you can export the contents easily with the help of SQL Decryptor software.

export with encryption

Export With Encryption

Software provides options to export the decrypt SQL script with encryption to the SQL Server/SQL compatible script.

SQL environment

Live environment

Well to decrypt SQL database easily and effectively the need of SQL Server live environment is required

support all SQL versions

All SQL Versions

The SQL decryptor tool successfully runs on SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005 and 2000 (32 bit & 64 bit)

How SQL Data Gets Encrypted Via SQL Server Decryptor Tool?

SQL Server offers its own encryption and decryption techniques but, sometimes during data decryption SQL files show annoyance. At such instance external application for SQL decryption is the only option you have. Transparent data encryption (TDE) uses a database encryption key (DEK) in SQL Server that handles database via boot record and with this encryption key user can check availability of SQL database during recovery. With TDE facility, software developers can make SQL database encrypted via AES and 3DES encryption algorithms without altering existing applications.

TDE is optimized by SQL users as it keeps the data protected as well as it does not enlarge the file's size but, when the need comes to decrypt SQL file then, users might face issues as SQL decryption techniques are not easy to use with. External SQL Decryptor is the only solution to decrypt SQL Script with no data loss or altering original protocols applied on SQL files.

Why Use SQL Decryptor Software?

Our SQL Decryptor tool does not destruct any property applied on SQL files after winding up SQL encryption removal procedure that is the reason behind why SQL encryption removal application of our organization became the choice of millions.

Free Download SQL Decryptor

SQL decryption software

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Version 5.0

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NOTE :- If you want to export decrypted data into live SQL Server or SQL Server Compatible Script then must purchase thelicense version

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I am very grateful to SQL Decryptor Tool which help me to decrypt encrypted SQL database such as table, views, functions, stored procedures. Thanks

- Stanley Ryan