Steps to Recover SQL Server Backup File

  1. From Start menu >> Program >> select SQL Server Backup Recovery Software.
    open sql database backup recovery software
  2. Add your BAK file to SQL Server Backup Recovery Software which you want to recover, by clicking on Load button. Then, click on open button
    add .bak file
  3. In the next step software will give you two scan options
    Quick scan option for normal BAK files scanning
    Advanced scan option for highly damaged BAK file
    The software is capable to auto detect the SQL BAK file version or you can manually select the correct version of BAK file.
    scan backup file
  4. You can add more than one NDF BAK file in the software at the same time by clicking on the Multiple Backup File Option
    add multiple backup file
  5. Select the full backup option and click on the Recover button to start the recovery process
    select full backup and recover
  6. After clicking on the Recover button the software will start the scanning and repair process
    now can see recovery process
  7. Once scanning process is complete, software will gives complete preview of recovered elements.
    get preview of recovered backup file
  8. To save the recovered BAK file of SQL Server, click on the Export button.
    save the recoverd backup file
  9. This software gives you two export options
    SQL Server Database option to export BAK file into SQL Server
    SQL Server Compatible SQL Script to export into local machine
    export recovered backup file
  10. Click Yes if you want to export the deleted records else clicks no
    different options to export sql backup file
  11. Lastly software displays all the recovered items with table name and record count. Click on finish to exit the software
    click ok