Best Sqlite Reader


What is Sqlite? Sqlite is public domain software package which provides relational database management system which is used for storing user–defined records in tables. Along with management and data storage‚ database engine combines data from various tables in order to generate data summaries and reports. Sqlite is preferred in organization for its ability to work without server‚ for reliability‚ transactional‚ like features.

Many a times organizations fail to access data stored in Sqlite.db files then they need a quick solution quickly. In this case‚ Sqlite Database Recovery Tool works as the best Sqlite reader tool. Because of support to various OS platforms‚ you can become apt Sqlite reader Mac and Android Sqlite reader after the usage of tool including more OS platforms too such as Windows etc.

Sqlite Reader Online: Sqlite File Repair Software is flexible online Solution for repairing Sqlite database. Sqlite reader software recover Sqlite database or convert in three file formats like: MDB‚ MDF or DB file through DSN Option and software also read data from Sqlite Android and read Sqlite database Mac.

Proud Sqlite Reader Mac: We are dead sure that we are greatest Sqlite reader because of high support to most Sqlite editions such as 3.7.7‚‚ 3.7.11‚ 3.7.12.‚‚ 3.7.13 etc.